Respectful Workplace Policy

RV Days supports and fosters a respectful work and camping environment for all. Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. A Respectful Workplace enhances job satisfaction, teamwork, the customer experience, and productivity and thus is in the best interests of RV Days, its Employees, Customers, and those providing services to the Customer for/through RV Days.
Examples include verbal aggression or insults, calling a person derogatory names, yelling, reprimanding in the presence of others, vandalizing personal belongings or RV Day’s equipment, and spreading malicious gossip or rumours over the telephone, email, in writing, or in person.
Disrespectful behaviour is not tolerated by RV Days towards staff and/or customers.  Any person found to be in breach of this Policy will be subject to the immediate cancellation of the rental, denial of services, and/or termination of employment. No refunds will be issued in the event of a cancellation of a rental or denial of services occurring as a result of a violation of the Respectful Workplace Policy. 

Rental Policy


Up to 24 hours after the booking deposit has been paid you may cancel your reservation for a full refund.

After the 24-hour grace period a $75 per week cancellation fee will apply.

A $200 cancellation fee per week of rental will apply if canceled after 60 days of original booking.

Due to scheduling and trailer availability, there will be no refunds on payments made if canceled within 30 days of your rental date.

Due to scheduling and trailer availability, management may refuse any changes to reservations, wholly or partially.


The use of all awnings is the sole responsibility of the renter! Should you not wish to be responsible, please leave the awnings retracted in the upright position.

There is a ZERO tolerance for damaged awnings. If the awning becomes damaged during your stay you will pay for the repair. After each unit is picked up and before it is delivered to you all awnings are checked and inspected by our drivers and our Technical Service Adviser. Repairs are executed when damage is found. This ensures that each awning on every trailer is in perfect working order and damage free upon delivery. It also enables us to bill the damage to the responsible renter. Renters have 24 hours to contact the office if damage is noted by you.


Please use awnings safely and carefully. Be sure to lower one side slightly during heavy rain to allow for drainage and retract awning during any windstorms to prevent damage. Ensure that awnings are raised high enough so that the entry doors do not rub, or tearing can occur. Full instructions will be supplied with the trailer.

NEVER LEAVE THE AWNING UN-ATTENDED - if you leave the trailer

Maximum Allowed Per Unit:

1 Family (2 Adults and up to 4 Children)

PETS are not allowed inside the trailers unless authorized by management. Extra charges may apply.

Should damage occur (i.e. improper use of awnings, screen door breakage etc.), do not have repairs done without first notifying the Rental Company. Repairs that are unauthorized and poorly done may be rejected and have to be done over again at extra cost to the customer.

For Our Combo Sites only:

One (1) vehicle No Tents are allowed. Absolutely no vehicles, boat trailers, coolers or tents on the grassed area. Tents maybe put up on the gravel areas only.

$400/week booking deposit is required for all Combo Site reservations ($200 trailer reservation / $200 campsite reservation)

As with all our trailers, PETS are not allowed inside the trailers. A cleaning charge of $200 will apply when there is evidence of a dog or cat in the trailer.

Should damage occur (i.e. improper use of awnings, etc.), do not have repairs done without first notifying the Rental Company. Repairs that are unauthorized and poorly done may be rejected and have to be done over again at extra cost to the customer.


Stationary trailers that we deliver and set up include damage insurance in the rental price. Deductibles for insurance claims due to customer damage will be taken out of the damage deposit first, and any excess billed to the customer's credit card number on file.


All units will be delivered between 2 and 5 PM on the day of your arrival. They will be picked up at 10 AM SHARP on the day of your departure.

Once a Travel Trailer or 5th wheel is positioned on a site it MUST stay in that spot until WE pick it up.

Under no circumstances will you move one of our units.

If you move one of our trailers immediate eviction and forfeit of your damage deposit will occur.

Trailers on Non-Sewer Sites:

A $25 Sani-dump charge may be added to your rental charges if you have our trailer delivered to a campsite without sewer hook-up. However, it is the sole responsibility of the renter to have someone come to your site and dump the tanks if you should fill the holding tanks during your stay. It is normal to fill the tanks within 3 days with minimal use. Showers could fill the holding tank in 1 day. We suggest you use the campground facilities at all times except for night breaks. Take care when doing dishes to use a basin so the water can be thrown out instead of going down the drain.

If you feel that you may need to have the holding tanks dumped during your stay, we suggest you arrange with the campground office for a scheduled delivery.

Please note that ALL holding tanks have been dumped and re-checked before being delivered to you. The gauges in the trailers are always incorrect. Please don’t trust them.

Trailers on Sewer Sites:

Your trailer has been hooked to the in-ground sewer system of your campground. The grey water valve (sink and shower water) has been opened to allow you to shower and wash dishes without filling the holding tanks. The Black water valve (toilet water) has been left closed to stop the back-flow of fumes and odors from entering the trailer. The black water valve, located where the sewer hose is attached to the trailer, must be opened at least twice (2 times) a week. The Black water valve is the handle on the large pipe coming from the bottom of the trailer. Please open (pull) this valve, and wait until you no longer hear water flowing through the sewer hose (this may take 1-2 mins). Once the flow of water has stopped please close this valve. Ensure the Grey water valve (small pipe) is still open and hasn’t been closed accidentally.


A reservation deposit of $200 per week of rental is required to hold a unit at time of booking. All rental fees, delivery fees, extra charges, and taxes must be paid 45 days prior to rental. Balance due will automatically be charged to the credit card on file unless instructed otherwise. (Reservation deposits will form part of payment). Customers with excessive Credit Card changes or declines may be subject to a $25 service charge.

$400/week booking deposit is required for all Combo Site reservations ($200 trailer reservation / $200 campsite reservation)

A $400 damage deposit (pre-authorization) is required 14 days prior to your rental. This pre-authorization will automatically be removed 14 days after the trailer is returned undamaged.

We accept Visa, and MasterCard for deposits, damage deposits and the balances due.

At this time, we accept E-Transfers for deposits and Balances due.

Damage deposits must be pre-authorized on a credit card. 


Air Conditioning:

A/C units that malfunction during a rental period will be repaired as quickly as is reasonably possible. Be aware that A/C repairmen are extremely busy during the summer holiday season, and cannot always provide same-day service. Therefore, we have to allow 72 hours to respond for failed Air Conditioning.

The rental company will provide fans if needed.

Tech Hint:

RV air conditioning is not designed for use over extended periods of time. They can ice up if left on for too long, especially if set too cold or if doors and windows are left open. Turn the A/C off if you plan to be out of the unit for any length of time.

If icing occurs, you will notice very little airflow from the vents and a lack of cooling. Should this happen, turn the A/C off for up to 6 hours minimum to thaw out.

TVs or Stereos:

Be a good neighbour when using the TV/DVDs or Radio/Stereo/CD Players, as noise carries far in campgrounds. Failure of TV's, DVD players or Stereos is not considered a breakdown, and may not be fixed during a rental period. 

Unit Cleaning/Damage:

Units must be returned clean and undamaged or charges may apply. We ask that all dishes and utensils be washed and put away. All counters, table tops, sinks, tubs/showers, and appliances should be wiped down. The inside of ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators should be wiped clean. Floors should be swept and mopped, and any spills on carpets or upholstery wiped up. If a carpet needs professional cleaning due to excess spillage etc. a cleaning charge of $100 may apply.

If our cleaners have to wash dirty dishes or clean exceptionally dirty trailers a cleaning charge of $100 will be charged.

If the holding tanks are allowed to back up into the tub, or toilets are plugged and allowed to overflow, a $200 Service charge will be applied for emptying holding tanks and sanitizing trailers.

Each trailer comes with cleaning supplies and a mop, bucket, broom, and dustpan.


Propane Tanks: Removal of the propane tanks from the trailer is absolutely prohibited. They are not to be used for your barbecues or other personal propane devices. Removal of a propane tank is a liability and will be grounds a minimum of $100 charge, up to an immediate eviction.

Pets are not allowed inside the trailers unless authorized by management beforehand. Extra charges may apply.

There is no smoking allowed in any of the trailers. Do not allow friends or visitors to smoke in the trailers or you will be responsible for the cleaning charges. If there is evidence of smoking in a trailer there will be a $400 charge.

Bookings are NOT automatically carried over to the next year. If you want to book for the following year you must call and get a Reservation number and give us your credit card number for the $200 per week reservation deposit. If you do not have a Reservation # and you have not been charged a deposit you do not have a Reservation. To guarantee the same trailer for the same time next year you must book prior to October 1st. After this date bookings are open to everyone on a first come first serve basis.

When staying in campgrounds without sewer hook-ups there may be a $25 charge for dumping holding tanks. Use public washrooms as much as possible to avoid overfilling the holding tanks. NOTE: Our trailers are delivered with the holding tanks empty. Holding tanks that need to be emptied prior to pick up date are the renter’s responsibility. A $200 cleaning and sanitizing charge will apply to trailers where the holding tanks have not been emptied and allowed to overflow into the bathtub and or sink.

If raw propane is smelled, extinguish all flames, exit the trailer and turn off main propane tank located at the front of the trailer until the source of leak is found. Stove burners left on is a common problem; do not let small children play with stove knobs). 

Service Charges (minimum):

$100 - if you lock yourself out and require assistance to get back in.

$ 50 - if you lose your keys.

$400 - evidence of smoking in trailers.

$100 - Carpets returned dirty where professional cleaning is required.

Up to $200 - Cleaning charge for pets in the trailer.

$100 - Cleaning charge for exceptionally unclean units as outlined in "Unit Cleaning/Damage".

$200 - Emptying and cleansing charge for units where the tanks have not been emptied and allowed to overflow into the bathtub and or sink.

Lost or damaged equipment - as per price list.

$10 - Processing fee for installment payments requested on balance due instead of one payment applied 30 days prior to Rental date as stated.


By authorizing RV Days Holiday Trailer Rentals to apply the damage deposit amount of $400 against your credit card, you are also authorizing RV Days Holiday Trailer Rentals to apply any of the extra fees or charges necessitated due to non-compliance to our policies, as described above.

Don't hesitate to call if you have any problems or questions about the trailer you are renting. Our emergency cell phone number is 250-483-4007 days and evenings.

Due to the volume of deliveries on Saturday and Sunday we cannot answer general inquiries until later the following week.

Note: Check out Time is 10:00 am


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