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Frequently asked Questions

The following is what others have already asked. It may be helpful for you to read.


Q. How will I know I have an actual booking?

A. You only have a booking when you have paid your reservation deposit and have a Reservation Number. If you do not have a Reservation Number you do not have a booking.


Q. Does the RV have air conditioning?

A. All of our units have air conditioning, some units have 2 AC units.


Q. How will I know if my site has enough power to run the air conditioning?

A. When booking your campsite ensure that it supplies a minimum of 30 Amp power.


Q. My site has no sewer hook-up. What happens when the holding tank gets full?

A. It is the responsibility of the renter to have the holding tank emptied. The campgrounds have a list of companies that will come to your site for approximately $25. A $25 non-sewer site charge may be applied. 


Q. How long will the holding tanks last?

A. With a family of four it lasts about four days with moderate use. We recommend to use campground showers and other facilities. Take care not to leave the toilet running!


Q. Can I tow the unit myself?

A. We allow self-tows on selected units after the Labour Day long weekend.


Q. Is propane supplied? 

A. Yes it is, however, if there is excessive use it is up to the renter to refill the tank. You do not have return the tank full.


Q. Do you supply Barbecues?

A. No


Q. How far does the electrical cord reach?

A. With the extension it will reach 50 feet.


Q. Can we rent other than from Saturday or Sunday?

A. Not during our peak summer months. You can rent from any day during the off season from Sept 6 to June 20th.


Q. If we are at a campground with Cable hook-ups for T.V. do you supply the cable?

A. To have cable T.V. you must bring your own cable. You can use the TV for Video viewing without cable though!


Q. When are the final rental charges and damage deposit due?

A. All Charges are due 30 days prior to your rental date with no exception. It will automatically be charged to the credit card on file unless instructed otherwise. A $400 Damage Deposit authorization will be processed on your credit card 14 days prior to your rental date. 


Q. How soon do I get my damage deposit refunded?

A. We do not take the $400 damage deposit. It is an authorization only. The authorization is removed by your credit card company approximately 14 days after the return of the trailer with no damage or additional required cleaning. It may take several days for the authorization to be fully removed from your account. This is due to Credit Card company policies and beyond our control.


Q. What time will my RV arrive at our campsite?

A. Between 2 - 5 PM. The earliest it might arrive is 2 PM. The average time is approximately 4 PM.


Q. What time do we have to be out of the Trailer on the day we leave?

A. Check out time is 10 AM sharp with no exceptions.


Q. Will the awnings be set up when we arrive?

A. It is the responsibility of the renter read the instructions provided in the unit and to set up their own awning. If for some reason you encounter difficulties you could ask your neighbour who has probably been doing it for years! Please note* Should you choose to use the awning you do so at your own risk and will be responsible for any damage that may occur due to wind etc.


Q. Do you book the campsite for us?

A. No, it is the responsibility of the renter to choose the campground and arrange the site ensuring the site will accommodate the size of the Trailer you are renting from us. You do not have to book the site for our Combo Packages on sites 120, 121, 144, & limited weeks on sites 94 and 101. Please view our Combo Site page for additional details. 

Thank you for all you do to make it easy for us to enjoy a vacation especially during these COVID days!
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